What’s So Great About Becoming an Insurance Agent?

Insurance agents are people who sell insurance policies. They are also the ones responsible for providing real estate planning services. In some states, insurance agents are required to obtain a license. Aside from that, many agents complete an associate or bachelors degree in economics, finance or business. There are a few things that individuals need to take into consideration prior to choosing a career in the insurance industry.

What are the steps to becoming an insurance agent?

Aspiring insurance brokers need to be familiar with the ins and outs of the insurance field. Product knowledge is very important because the job entails selling insurance policies. Customers often ask for additional information about insurance products, and this is something that agents should be capable of providing.

A bachelor’s degree in business or economics is also preferred. Insurance companies tend to hire individuals with an academic background in math, accounting, economics and business.

Insurance companies are also up to date with the latest technology. This is why it is an advantage if aspiring insurance agents have sufficient knowledge of computer software.

People can also gain relevant work experience as an insurance broker even while studying. There are insurance agencies that offer training programs for students. It is a good idea to ask your school guidance counselor about training programs.

Employers require insurance agents to meet the state’s licensing requirements. There are pre-licensing schools that offer classes for the exam. It is important to obtain certification before searching for jobs as a licensed agent.

Even when employed, it is necessary for insurance agents to take continuing education. Some states require people in the insurance industry to do this on a regular basis.

It is also possible for insurance agents to advance to higher positions. Obtaining additional certifications or taking intensive courses can help people obtain great positions.

Reasons to Become an Insurance Agent

• Support from the Parent Company

Some companies offer training for agents to help them become successful in the insurance industry. The company also advertises their products so people will get to know them. As a result, agents get new customers. If agents encounter problems, all they need to do is get in touch with the corporate headquarters for assistance.

• Full Control of Life and Schedule

Some employers do not require agents to follow standard office hours because they need to be in the field most of the time. This is why agents gain more control over their schedule and income. They can work as hard as they want to increase their paycheck, and they can also take a day off whenever necessary. There really is no schedule as long as they reach their quota.

• Unlimited Income

Agents who are doing a good job in the insurance industry can earn as much as they are able to. Some jobs in the insurance industry are commission-based while there are also those that provide a monthly salary plus commission.

• Satisfaction of Providing Help for Other People

Aside from the monetary benefits that agents receive, they also gain satisfaction from helping others. The products that insurance agents are selling are vitally important. They can help people improve their lives with better insurance policies.

Working with an Insurance Company

Insurance company promise aspiring agents better rewards and attractive compensation when they go the extra mile. However, it is important for insurance agents to be aware of several things. The idea of selling insurance policies to friends and family members can really be tempting. However, this is not a good idea because it can create a huge problems especially when a family member fails to pay the insurance premium.

Agents who already have a company they would like to work for in mind need to see to it that they check the state insurance commissioner’s website. The site allows aspiring insurance brokers and customers to find out whether there are complaints about the company. People who wish to apply for work in the insurance industry should only go for jobs at more established companies.

Colin Woods is a retired insurance agent, and enjoys writing and teaching in his retirement. If you ever want to learn more about insurance and finance please have a look at his other works.

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Real Estate Job: Top Three Factors Determining a Real Estate Agent Salary-Lucrative Job!

Since the economy started to spiral down in 2008, many people had difficulties finding jobs because their skills, training and experience that used to be in demand are no longer sought-after or salable. Hence, people have explored other possibilities such as undergoing retraining and having a career shift. On the other hand, while other professions have gone less in demand, people in the real estate market are steadily growing in number. In fact, according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, the number of agents will increase up to 16 percent at the end of 2018. Despite the bad economy, the real estate agent salary remained fixed. They get 6 percent of the total value of the house they sold or found for a buyer or seller, and they divide it to half to their broker. Their service is very much needed these days because people are selling their properties and homes and they need professional help to be able to dispose their homes to their advantage.

An average agent’s salary is as high as $45,000 per annum. The majority of them earn $65,000 per year, and there are some who earn above $95,000 annually. A real estate agent’s income highly depends on three factors-who they work for, where they are located and the number of deals they closed.


The common place of employment of agents is at a broker’s office. A broker makes money after his agent sells or finds a property for a client. The broker gets 6 percent of the price of the property sold and splits it with his agent. The real estate agent salary is estimated to be around $45,000 to $ 65,000 per annum for those who work under a broker. Agents who work in companies that also have an insurance business on the side earn higher (e.g. those who work in leasing offices and with developers).


The location of properties affects their value and demand. Naturally, the agent’s salary also depends to their location. Agents in New York, Illinois, Vermont and North Carolina earn $65,000 to $85,000 per annum.

Closed Deals

Agents do not have a fixed salary. They receive commissions per successful transaction. An agent’s ability to close deals largely depends on his/her marketing strategy, personality, training and experience. People from all walks in life can become agents if they get training and pass the state licensure exam. People can even enroll in an online program to get a certificate to prepare them for the state exam. It is cheap. For 150 hours online training, you will only spend around $500. For more information about a real estate agent salary, please visit Salary.com.

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You Need the Well Qualified Life Insurance Agent

A life insurance policy gives the imbursement of the amount of the insurance to the family members on the death of the insured person. There are three groups involved in the policy- the one who is insured, the one who insures it, and the policy holder. In general the insured person and the policy holder are same person.

Customers that are attracted in purchasing its policy can contact a reputed life assurance agent. The tasks of the agents include encountering new people, obtaining necessary information concerning their present position and giving them information in relation to their policy products.

The best agents have the expertise of their product and the market, to direct their clients towards the most affordable life insurance policy. They need to have a license to sell it in any state, provided by the state’s regulatory body. They can sell the policies that double up as a securities product as well. However, in order to sell such products, agents need to have a securities license, together with a state insurance license.

A good agent is the one who doesn’t compel the client into decision, comprehends client’s personal and financial position and give details all about policy schemes. They prepare and maintain the report of policies, and in case of a lost policy, advice the policyholder how to settle their insurance claim.

Life insurance agents who make use of internet as a medium to promote their policy and scheme can have a huge chance to expand their business. The agents understanding multi languages are high in requirement because they can stand for wide range of customers. Another factor to be successful is to have the comprehension of legal and technical insurance terms.

In general most of them are paid on salary basis, salary and commission basis and salary and bonus basis. Commission they obtain relies on the insurance policy they have sold, premiums and renewal of policies. The agents who meet their specified target are entitled to be given a bonus. A lot of beginners’ life insurance agents fail to meet their specified targets and fail to get more commission and ultimately they select some other career.

The well qualified agent has a basic, if not proficient knowledge, on matters that the majority people do not even think about. Matters like pensions and profit sharing, tax shelters and so forth.

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How to Select The Best Auto Insurance Agent?

Auto insurance agent has the ability to find the best automobile insurance coverage that suits your needs. With the help of insurance agent, you can save time and find the right automobile insurance coverage in a short time. Professional insurance agents know how to find the most affordable car insurance coverage based on credit score, budget, and state requirements. Before hiring an auto insurance agent, you must do research on the fees and customer service.

You should speak with the car insurance agent face to face or on the telephone. While talking with the agent, you can ask how he earns commissions and how much commissions he earns in each sale. The agent should outline all the hidden charges. In this way, you can effectively compare the commission rates between different agents. You can make phone calls to several auto insurance agents and speak with them. When the agent tells you about the commission, you should record it on a piece of paper. After you have finished making phone calls, you can review the commission rates charged by different agents and narrow down your list to those you can afford.

The agent should be licensed to provide services in the state. If the agent is not licensed, it means he is not certified. Agents that are not licensed usually have lesser knowledge in finding auto insurance deals. Since they cannot legally provide insurance agent service, customers should avoid hiring them. To prove that the agent is licensed, you can ask him to show his business license and certification. A licensed agent will not mind showing the license.

To determine the reliability of his service, you can ask him to provide a list of the clients’ telephone numbers. You can call his clients and ask them whether the agent had helped them to locate an insurance coverage that meets their needs. If the clients give positive feedbacks, you can be assured that the agent can help you to find a good auto insurance deal as well.

If you hire the agent, make sure you inform him about your personal details such as age, employment, salary, medical report and etc. If you are interested in an insurance company, you can ask the agent to do research for you. Before signing the auto insurance deal, you should let the agent explain the terms to you.

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Life Insurance Agent Opportunities

Job opportunities are high for the life insurance agents with a background in computer skills and finance. Life insurance agents, these days, use “Smart System” (computer applications) to manage risks accurately. “Smart System” helps life insurance agents in avoiding undue losses and making sound decisions. Internet also influences the work of insurance agents. An internet helps life insurance agents to access information and quotes faster and reduce the time of paperwork. Job opportunity is better for college graduates with business administration course. A bachelor’s degree in any field and knowledge of accounts and computer provides a good opportunity for a job of life insurance agents. New life insurance agents usually start as trainees and assistant agents. They are given a job to provide information about client’s status. As they gain experience, they are promoted to do policy work that is more complex. Being an agent can be a satisfying job for those who like paying attention to details and analyzing. For better opportunity a life insurance agent should have good communication skills.

Life insurance agents who use internet as a medium to advertise their policy and scheme can have a huge opportunity to expand their business. Life insurance agents knowing multi languages are high in demand as they can represent wide range of customers. Another factor to be successful is to have the knowledge of legal and technical insurance terms. Generally most life insurance agents are paid on salary basis, salary and commission basis and salary and bonus basis. Commission they receive depends on the insurance policy they have sold, premiums and renewal of policies. Life insurance agents who meet their specified goal are entitled to be awarded a bonus. Many beginners’ life insurance agents fail to meet their specified goals and fail to earn more commission and eventually they opt for some other career.

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Cheap Insurance Companies and Their Services

To some people, cheap insurance companies are merely a myth, to others a reality they do not ever want to acknowledge, but one fact remains the same. Cheap insurance businesses are a commodity most people do not avail for different reasons. Some are scared that they might end up paying more than advertised others just do not want the extra expense.

It is true that there are quite a lot of insurance businesses out there on the internet that are not cheap at all, as well as insurance companies that are cheap and offer the best service. Then there are also cheap insurance businesses that are not just cheap with awful service (these are the ones you would want to avoid). If you want to save money while spending yet at the same time get the best service you will have to do some search into various cheap insurance companies.

There are two ways to find a good insurance company; online and by roaming around, but there is only one way to get a cheap insurance from a company i. E. Search the internet. The reason is simple, where an insurance company caters to clients across the state or just in your area, an online insurance company caters to people across America, and more business means better competition, which ultimately leads to cheaper and lower rates.

Keeping the above equation I know you will agree that the best deals are to be found online, however if you up and want to do business with the most advertised of insurance dealers, you are surely in for a heart-break. These companies in order to compensate for the high costs of advertisements offer some pretty high rates to their customers.

If you truly are looking for a cheap and reliable rate for your insurance, it would be wise for you go for the moderate kind of insurance businesses. These companies could be anywhere after the first ten or so search results. You can also choose to narrow down your results to your city, state, or even by using your zip code if you are searching for a company locally.

Remember to check on the bare minimum of insurance prerequisite in your state and then go forth with negotiating the essentials before negotiating the rates. Almost every state has some sort of bare minimum for their citizens insurance policies these days and it is entirely up to you to convert this slight problem into a blessing that does the most good for you.

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All About Insurance and How to Find Cheap Insurance

Insurance is very important. The way that insurance works is that a whole lot of people pay a small amount of money into an insurance pool. This pool of money will protect these people against some sort of risk, such as the risk of your car getting stolen. Because many people pay money into the pool, the pool becomes rich and full of money. Then if one person who has paid money into the pool gets their car stolen, then the insurance company will give them money out of the pool. The insurance pool can pay out much more money than that individual person had by himself.

The only reason that insurance works is because the problem that is the risk isn’t so big that it happens to everyone. Just think if everyone who invested money into the insurance pool had a car that got stolen, the insurance company wouldn’t be able to pay everyone out lots of money. Insurance companies spend huge amounts of money paying risk analyzers to work out how much risk is in place. They also pay an effective legal team to stipulate good terms and conditions so that clients don’t take advantage of the insurance company by making false claims.

Of course the bigger the company and the more clients it is, the more likely it is to be able to offer cheap insurance to the buyer. The more people that pay money into the pool, the bigger the pool of money becomes.

Well known companies are also able to offer cheap insurance, because they have a far bigger marketing budget, so they can reach more people and potential clients. It s also good to go with a big company, because they are more likely to be able to pay you out. They have a reputation to uphold.

On the other hand, big insurance companies have very good legal teams, so they might have to get out of paying you, by referring to small print in the contract that you may not have seen. So whenever you buy cheap insurance be sure to read the small print.

It is easy to find cheap insurance nowadays. Many companies are offering great deals. And a simple internet search will have you face to face with insurance quotes in no time at all.

Insurance is available in all sorts of areas. You can get insurance for your possessions such as your house, car or boat. You can also get health insurance or travel insurance. Some Insurance companies offer cheaper insurance packages to women. Some health insurance companies will not cover you if you have pre-existing medical conditions. You also get cheap life insurance or funeral plans.

Some people may want to insure their body parts, for example a hand model may insure her hands, because if she no longer has them she cannot work. You can basically find someone to insure you for just about anything. When you make a deal with an insurer, you are basically saying, in exchange for paying you a small fee, you will take financial responsibility for me if the stipulated event occurs.

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Compare Cheap Insurance Quotes – Save Time and Money by Comparing Cheap Insurance Quotes

How does your decision to compare cheap insurance quotes on the internet help you save precious time and money? The insurance market has become so competitive that it is impossible to identify a single insurance company as the best one around. There are many variable factors including the type of insurance that one wants, income and lifestyle of the individual, the asset that one wants to insure and the amount of premium that one is prepared to pay. In such a scenario, one cannot blame an individual for opting to compare cheap insurance quotes instead of entering the confusing world of insurance analysis.

How do you save money when you compare cheap insurance quotes? If you opt for quotes comparison, chances are very high that you will quickly identify the cheapest and most beneficial insurance policy for your life, car, home or any other asset. You will get a clear tabular analysis which will tell you how much one has to pay for each and every policy under consideration. If you do not compare cheap insurance quotes, you will have to prepare a comparative statement manually. This is next to impossible considering the fact that the average individual is rarely, if ever, conversant with how insurance policies work.

Another reason why one should compare cheap insurance quotes is that it helps save a lot of time. Getting quotes online helps you get all the information you want in a jiffy. You need not visit each and every insurance company’s office just to compare cheap insurance quotes. You need to state the amount of coverage you want and the amount of premium that you will have to pay will be flashed on the screen instantly. You can also get quotes through the telephone. In either case, a lot of time and effort shall be saved. If one considers the gas that one saves by avoiding visits to numerous insurance offices, the benefits of these free insurance quotes become even more significant. Never again will you have to take time out of your busy schedule to complete insurance related paper work. The web will help you take care of all that.

It is important to compare insurance quotes before getting signed up with an insurance policy. When you compare insurance quotes you can rest assured you are saving both time and money because you are guaranteed to get the lowest insurance quote.

Given the current recession it is important to make sure to prioritize your money and compare insurance quotes online. A good place to state would be an online website that actually allows you to compare insurance quotes online for free.

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Compare Cheap Insurance Quotes – Save Time and Money by Comparing Cheap Insurance

Before the invention and wide accessibility of the internet, people had to call around to compare cheap insurance quotes. They could spend hours of their lives on the phone only to find out that the best policy for them was the first one they called. They would then have to call the office back and go through the explanation again. Once they did they still had to go down to the local office and sign paper work and make a payment before they were insured.

Thankfully, times have changed and people don’t have to spend hours on the phone just to find the best rate. Logging on and going to your prospective insurance company takes a lot of time too. So how do you compare cheap insurance quotes to get the best deal on your car insurance? Just go to your favorite search engine instead.

By doing a search to compare cheap insurance quotes you will find a list of sites that offer multiple comparisons right on their site. Generally, these sites are not affiliated with any specific insurance company so you can be assured an accurate comparison.

It’s simple to compare cheap insurance quotes this way. All you have to do is input your information one time. Set the restrictions for coverage type and deductibles and hit the compare/search button. Within seconds a listing of all the major insurance companies will be appear on your screen. You can scroll through them and find the one that has the best coverage at the best price for you.

Often these sites will allow you to purchase insurance directly from them and offer discounts for doing so. By comparing cheap insurance quotes on line through one of the sites will save you time and money.

If you prefer spending endless hours on the phone just to get the best rate go right ahead. Using the internet can take the hassle out of buying car insurance. Who needs another headache when all you’re looking for is the best coverage in your price range?

It is important to compare insurance quotes before getting signed up with an insurance policy. When you compare insurance quotes you can rest assured you are saving both time and money because you are guaranteed to get the lowest insurance quote.

Given the current recession it is important to make sure to prioritize your money and compare insurance quotes online. A good place to state would be an online website that actually allows you to compare insurance quotes online for free.

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Comparing Cheap Insurance Quotes – The Best Trade Off Between Premium and Deductible

Shopping in general involves a lot of decision making. You have to be even more careful and use more analysis when buying insurance irrespective of the type of coverage you are looking for. You have to get an affordable deal that offers sufficient coverage. The best way in which you can do this is to collect as many cheap insurance quotes as possible. You can get this job done in no more than half an hour if you use the services of an online provider that gives you a bunch of offers from different insurers for free.

The more difficult part comes next. You will have to compare the different cheap insurance quotes you have obtained. It is essential for you to look for the most affordable of all deals. Apart from analyzing the rates you should check whether the insurance company offers any discounts that you might be eligible for. More importantly, you have to decide on the trade off between the premium and the deductible you will have to pay. Setting these two costs correctly will allow you to save a lot of money and to manage your budget more efficiently.

The premium is basically the fee that you have to pay annually or monthly for the coverage you get. In case you make a claim on your policy and the insurer approves it you will have to pay a deductible. It can be a set sum, but in most cases it is a percentage of the cost of the claim. You should also keep in mind that with health insurance plans the deductible is fixed and has to be paid once a year. Generally, the higher the deductible is the lower the premium is and vice versa.

You can save a lot by increasing your deductible. This is particularly beneficial when you buy auto and home insurance policies since you will have to incur this cost in an event that may never actually happen. At the same time everything is possible. Thus, it is best for you to set a deductible that you can afford to pay it at any time. You have to decide on how much you would want to increase this cost depending on a number of factors.

The main one is the premium. Generally, the experts recommend to any buyer to accept as high premium as they can comfortably afford. You should do some calculations in order to decide how much of your monthly income you can set aside for insurance. At the same time you have to take into account your savings. They will allow you to determine how much you could afford to take out of your pocket if you made a claim today. If this sum is not very large, you may think twice before setting a way too large deductible.

Overall, it is up to you to decide on the best trade off between premium and deductible. This is an individual decision that you have to take when comparing cheap insurance quotes. You have to make your choice by taking into consideration all relevant factors.

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